3 unexpected uses for Google virtual tours

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As time goes by, technology is getting more and more advanced and accessible to everyone even in the far corners of the world. People can use technology to make their lives easier and learn new things immediately. Almost everything that is developed on the internet has a purpose to inform people and that is also the purpose of a Google virtual tour.


A VR tour is known as the digital twin of a real-life location. Through virtual reality, people can enter the digital world and explore a Google virtual tour as if they are there. Because of these interesting features, many users are looking forward to seeing more virtual tours. That is why businesses find ways to add them to their websites. If you are thinking of ways to add a VR tour to your eCommerce website, here are 3 unexpected uses for a Google virtual tour that you must try. 


#1 – Production demonstration in a Google virtual tour


Exploring a certain location is not the only use for a VR tour. You can also use them in demonstrating your products. A Google virtual tour is no longer just a pieced together panoramic image that you can turn in 360 degrees. Apart from that, you can now add text to the VR tour. You can even include audios and a short video if you can. A good example of a product demonstration in a Google virtual tour is a showroom VR tour.


Let’s take Kerstie, the owner of Kerstie’s Gems, as an example. She included a Google virtual tour of the jewel showroom on her business website. In the VR tour showroom, she has a separate scene for every type of jewelry she sells. In one scene, you can see all the earrings designs in their showcase. Through Google virtual navigation, a visitor can come closer to each earring showcase. There is a clickable message icon where a pop-up message will appear that states the materials used in making the earrings. 


This particular earring has an unusual way of wearing so Kerstie included a short video on how to wear the earring. It can be played by clicking on the play button icon next to the image of the earrings. Thus, her Google virtual tour audience will learn a lot about her jewelry products and will be interested in buying from her store. 


#2 – A VR tour as an educational aid


Another good use for a VR tour is by using them as an educational aid in the students’ learning. For example in the case of Mrs. Anster, a history teacher. She wants her students to learn more about the ancient history of Peru and the Incas. Thus, during one of her classes, she opened the Machu Picchu virtual tour for the students to see and explore the historical site. This particular Google virtual tour has an audio narrator that explains each scene in the VR tour. 


Not only did the students learn a lot about Machu Picchu, but they were also able to explore it in the digital world. There are more virtual tours that provide similar educational experiences for the students. In addition, teachers can even use a Google virtual tour as a replacement for PowerPoint presentations.


#3 – Familiarizing a place through a Google virtual tour


Because of VR tour technology, people can now familiarize themselves with a certain place without having to visit it in real life. Thus, people can easily enjoy a location without having fears of getting lost. Let us look at what Jace did with his resort business. 


Jace’s family owns a huge resort that people can easily get lost if they visited for the first time. Because of that, he hired a professional Google virtual tour creator to create a VR tour of the resort. He integrated the Google virtual tour on his website and encouraged his audience to take the tour before they visit the resort. Because of this, he gets fewer complaints from guests who got lost in the resort and can’t find their way back to their suite.


Find more uses for VR tour technology 


There are plenty more uses of a VR tour in any business. You just have to widen your imagination and see what part of your business needs a Google virtual tour. If you can’t think of any ideas, you can try consulting with a VR tour company like Digital Solutions. They have worked with various businesses in Google virtual tour creations. They can share their ideas on how a VR tour can be used in your business.

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