3 Must-Haves For Foamex Print To Improve Business Efficiency

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3 Must-Haves For Foamex Print To Improve Business Efficiency

Advances in printing technology mean that we can now print directly onto acrylic, metal or even create individual letters out of solid core, there’s always a need for affordable, durable products like Foamex boards.

For those who don’t know, Foamex is a sheet composed out of compressed PVC foam. It is composed of a small, consolidated cell, which is wrapped between two smooth exterior surfaces.

The exterior layer hoardings absorb the colour beautifully after treatment to ensure perfect printing. It’s so flexible that it’s capable of being printed, painted, cut into shapes, or laid over.

It’s Diverse

With only a few restrictions in terms of creativity, Foamex board allows you a lot of freedom in your creativity. It is not only able to print any design you can imagine, but it is lightweight enough that you do not need to think about where to hang it or the best place to place it.

This alone makes Foamex an extremely versatile material. Frames made of large-sized canvases made from wood can result in damage to the mounts in time, especially when they are fixed to walls using plasterboard. This isn’t a huge concern when using Foamex board, especially if you pick one of the light varieties that have less specific density.

In the end, Foamex will transform dull offices into artistic and bright areas, dull shops into something appealing and exhibit stands turn into attractive shows.

What Does It Serve To Do?

Because Foamex panel is flexible and adaptable it is commonly used to create display signage and skirting for stage panelling, as well as banners for point-of-sale and advertising boards for wall cladding walls, backgrounds and walls.

Its light weight makes it easy to use and also easy to move around, making it popular in the field , and also with companies that are of any size.

It’s also incredibly economical. Hoarding Panel is an incredible value especially when you think about its versatility. If you utilise the right methods and printing techniques, the possibility exists to design a Foamex board that when laid out correctly, will appear as well as a feel that is superior in price.

If flexibility, lightness and affordability weren’t enough, Foamex has additional advantages:

  • The bend can be made by heating or screwing.
  • After that, the heat can be bent and glued.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Recyclable material
  • Direct printing
  • Available in a variety thicknesses
  • It can be practical to any surface
  • Low maintenance
  • UV-resistant
  • Graphics aren’t laminated.

How Foamex Boards Are Used In The Industry

  1. The PVC Water Resistance Foam – It is a solid barrier against water due to its chemical composition. If it comes into contact with water, it won’t shrink or alter its structure. This makes it suitable in all weather conditions.
  2. Corrosion Resistance: When in contact with chemicals, PVC won’t be in a position to react. Its condition remains unaffected and secure from deformation.
  3. The Fire-Resistant Properties – that is present in PVC foam boards allows them to be used anywhere because they are fireproof. They aren’t affected by heat, light or acids on it.
  4. Superior Strength And Durability: As a result of the nature of its constituents, PVC foam board is extremely durable and guarantees that they will not suffer any kind of deformation. The boards are able to last for four years without causing harm.
  5. It Is Easy To Form As Well As Paintable: PVC is able to be made into any form that you require. You can cut it to complement furniture pieces for your home, or turn it into wall panels to use outdoors. It is also possible to paint with any kind of paint that will last for many years , and gives the appearance and feel of it’s new!
  6. A Budget-Friendly Option – A great alternative to wood or aluminum and are offered in a variety of price levels. They don’t require any further maintenance and can remain in the same spot for quite a long time. They don’t require special tools to cut or drill them, making them extremely pocket-friendly to use.

The Advantages Of Printing On Foamex For Displays And Signs

If you’re in search of alternatives for display and signage then you shouldn’t be delaying Foamex’s printing on board. There are many reasons to consider that Foamex is an ideal material. In this post we’ll concentrate on the following:

Foamex Boards Last For A Long Time.

If you’re looking to purchase signs or displays intended for an event that’s limited to a single event like a conference, or an exhibition, then there will be a great chance that the signage you purchase will last for a long duration of time.

This is the reason 5mm Foamex board printing is capable of aiding by offering the user an environment where images are less prone to scratch damage from scratches. For individuals and businesses that use their signage and displays outdoors, this can be a major factor in the longevity of their display.

Foamex Is An Excellent Printing Surface. Foamex Is Able To Be Printed In A Very Short Time.

Do you have a project that is getting close to the deadline and you’ll need your displays and signage ready to go? Site hoarding panel could be the solution, since they’ve been recognized for cutting down time to print. This means you’ll have a quick turnaround time that will help you meet urgent printing requirements.

Foamex Signs Cost Effective

For any manager working in the field of marketing, or office managers, it’s common to need to be in control of the budget.

This is the reason Foamex is an excellent choice because it offers the lowest price of materials that aid in keeping the costs of marketing at a minimum without compromising image quality after printing is completed. Foamex is able to handle high-definition images and large files , but it does not cost a dime.

Foamex Printing Is Easy To Transport

If you manage an operation for marketing that travels, Foamex can provide the most lightweight solution that will tick all your boxes. In addition the problem of size that is associated with transportation is eliminated as Foamex boards can be made into distinct panels that are simply put together to create larger displays after they have been removed from the site of their distribution.

As you will see from the benefits that were mentioned earlier, there are numerous reasons why Foamex boards are extremely sought-after in the sales and marketing world. If you want to test it for yourself, connect with a knowledgeable Foamex supplier right now!

What Are Printed Display Boards?

Flexibility is an advantage when it comes to designing displays. But, it’s important to think about what message you’re trying to convey. Traditional design is a great option for businesses for display boards that focus on DIY and academics that promote their research.

If you’re looking for the most professional and premium output, then this is that printed displays take the leap into the realm of their own.


Foam boards that are printed using foam are excellent marketing tools for businesses to convey information to your clients as well as potential clients.

Foamex boards are a best way to promote your business’s products and services during events, conferences, or in indoor spaces to promote your business.

As you can see from the above pros there are a myriad of reasons Foamex boards have become in high demand in the sales and marketing world. To try it out for yourself, contact an experienced Foamex manufacturer today!

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