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14 Sympathy Flower Bouquet Ideas For a Funeral

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Show your most profound sympathy with our array of sympathy flowers for funerals at cosmea gardens. Pick from our choices of condolences flower buckets. Other compositions to pass for free same-day delivery in more significant areas in cosmea gardens. Send the right sentiment and send a deep message for those who are mourning. These days, many people prefer to send sympathy flowers about a week after the funeral. Once the first stage of grief and grieving has passed. A pleasant appearance is to send condolence buds to the family’s house at a precise time. The funeral is given as a note to the late that one has not neglected them. That one is still holding on to them and their personal, severe loss. It can even be that some weeks have passed by since the death. Yet bulbs are a gentle note that friendship continues and close people are still holding the family during the grieving process. We have some sympathy flower bouquet ideas for the funeral that you can buy online.

Casket sprays:

A long composition that remains on top of the coffin during transport and cremation service. It is then laid on top of the grave once the service has stopped.

Urn arrangements

These are usually free-standing parts that enhance the path or are set at the front of the church. The family can give them for Sunday service. The church’s meeting or be taken to the house after the service.

Floral lettering

The lettering is used to spell out names, words or give enhanced teddy bears, crosses, etc. Follow the casket during shipment, and then be put on the grave as the result of the service.

Florist’s bouquet for a funeral white

Florist’s bouquet in colors of white for burial. Let a skilled cosmea garden’s florist make your sympathy flowers for funeral for you. You can score on our skilled nurserymen to form a wonderfully unique bouquet in colors of white and green. Using annual flowers and leaves fresh from the bulb markets. Your florist will bring all the art and care of the cosmea garden’s expert network to each production.

Sagri Funeral spray 

A beautiful funeral pattern in white, cream, and green.

This funeral spray comprises white lilies, cream roses, and excellent seasonal flowers, lilies, and foliage. It will make a beautiful tribute to follow your messages of sympathy and comfort.

Your funeral composition will be meticulously crafted. A nurseryman delivers it from the cosmea gardens system to the area of your choice. It comprises all the expertise and feeling this sort of occasion needs. 


A beautiful bouquet formed of roses and annual flowers in colors of white.

This beautiful bouquet will make a lovely compliment to your messages of sympathy and harmony.


Pick this colorful funeral fog in orange, pink, and white colors to pay a wonderful tribute to a gone friend. Experienced florists will prepare your order to form and give this funeral composition. It needs precise expertise and specific delivery circumstances to address your need.

Florist’s bouquet in mourning shades

A florist’s bouquet in colorful colors: trust our artisan florist to form a unique, fresh bouquet of grief for you. He will form the composition using lovely roses and fresh seasonal sympathy flowers for a funeral. He will make your bouquet with all the client care and creativity of the experts. The network to send your sincere sympathy message.

Sweet thoughts

We have collected green and flowering plants and leaves to decorate a grave or cremation niche for funeral rituals. This composition is given in a case or pot.

A proficient florist will serve your order to create and send sympathy flowers. It needs distinct expertise and specific delivery requirements.


An amazing garland of fresh white and red blossoms circled by fragile foliage. For a beautiful funeral tribute, opt for this fantastic wreath of flowers. Formed roses and various other white and green seasonal flowers and foliage to show your most heartfelt sympathy and concerns.

Flower cushion Hommage

Square flower cushion for grief, formed of white roses adorned by fine and delicate plants. This beautiful floral combination will elegantly complete your messages of sympathy.

The florist assures a professional delivery of the flowers to your preference: a place of ceremony, burial, cemetery, etc.


A beautiful burial spray of vibrant blossoms.

Pick this unusual funeral spray in colors of pink and red to pay a beautiful eulogy to a deviated friend. A proficient florist will serve your order, like by Aquarelle, to form and give this funeral composition, which needs precise expertise and specific delivery terms, to the destination of your selection.

Sympathy funeral spray

This colorful blooming composition mixes roses and seasonal flowers enclosed by pretty foliage to send sympathy flowers.

Your funeral composition will be meticulously made and produced by a florist—the place of your choice, with all the expertise and sensitivity this kind of event needs. 


A beautiful square cushion of roses and seasonal flowers. This funeral pillow made of seasonal flowers will send your deep condolences for the loss of a cherished one. A skilled florist will serve your order and send this funeral composition. It needs precise expertise and specific delivery conditions to address your preference.


Elegant compositions are prepared skillfully by our florists for funerals and burials. If you see sympathy flowers for funeral compositions to enrich the grave, floral pillows and crosses are the most suitable. Pick from a square of white roses or a cross of flowers made with blended roses. Rising sprays are also available on our website to adorn the grave of the dead. Pick your preferred floral arrangement, and an artisan florist from Cosmea gardens will check the handcrafting and send sympathy flowers to the desired address. On the date and as the time slot you picked online. Deliveries take place daily, even on Sundays and bank vacations, to your home or trade of honor—all the bouquets and funeral flower art. An artisan florist delivers these to the dead person’s home or the bereaved family to the place of worship.

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