14 Steps To Use Hashtags Correctly

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We all know that hashtags are the lifeblood of Instagram. Instagram users use hashtags to increase the discoverability of their videos and photos.

But if you are a professional with marketing and advertising jobs on Instagram, you should have a much better understanding of how hashtags work.

A right hashtag strategy can bring amazing engagement at your content and you’ll witness an obvious surge in your likes count. Alternatively, you can also buy Instagram Likes to make your content look even more interesting.

When you manage to use hashtags correctly, you will take firm steps towards making your brand a star. On the other hand, if you use hashtags incorrectly, instead of gaining followers, you risk losing even your existing followers quickly.

Here are 7 things you should do when using hashtags:

1.    Take your time to do the necessary research to the finest detail to find the best and most suitable hashtags related to the industry you serve. Once you’ve determined what these hashtags are, pay attention to how your industry uses Instagram accounts from popular and leading brands. Start integrating hashtags into your own account, inspired by the data you have obtained as a result of your research.

2.   Do not limit the use of hashtags to only your own account in order to spread the message you want to convey to customers in your share to a wider audience. So don’t just add dozens of hashtags while sharing your content. While doing this, also visit and write comments for other content that uses the same hashtag as you.

3.   Identify and follow other accounts that use the same hashtags that you have determined to be suitable for your brand, serving the same niche and industry as you.

4.   Be very careful when creating a new hashtag for your brand. Take a closer look at how these hashtags are used by other accounts. Do not let people or competitors who are trying to spoil your marketing efforts by using this hashtag in bad faith.

5.   Create short, easy to understand and simple hashtags.

6.   If you are not sure which hashtags to use, try using third party sites to keep track of trending and popular hashtags. We can cite RebelMouse, Tagboard and Hashtracking as examples of sites that follow popular hashtags. By using these resources, it is possible to quickly determine which hashtag will benefit your brand and which will harm your brand in simple ways.

7.   Specific meaning hashtags focused on your niche and industry can be more useful than popular broadly meaning hashtags. We know that there is much more traffic flowing in a hashtag with broad meaning and very popular #yemek, but this means that the competition in this hashtag is also quite high. In other words, content you share in the #yemek hashtag has the risk of being lost among millions of other content shared under the same hashtag and not being seen at all. Instead, a certain hashtag, for example, #cocolatasoslukek, will be more useful for you.

Here are 7 things you shouldn’t do when using hashtags:

1.    Avoid using hashtags that are gaining negative popularity for the wrong reasons. If you do not know very well how to turn this situation to your advantage, using these types of hashtags can cause great damage to your brand reputation.

2.   Extremely popular hashtags like #fastfood have a wide meaning and are preferred by an extremely large number of users. Using these types of hashtags in Instagram marketing strategies is not at all useful. Because in the extremely popular hashtags, a lot of content is constantly shared, so the content you share with this hashtag name will be buried and disappear in a very short time. If you care about your brand discovery, you should avoid using these types of hashtags.

3.   Be careful not to create hashtags that could be interpreted negatively. Brands that have experienced some scandals in their past should be especially careful about this, as these types of hashtags can be used by users to troll the brand. An example of this type of hashtags is # McDStories created by McDonald’s. Normally created for customers to share positive stories about McDonald’s, this hashtag has become a hashtag full of content consisting entirely of negative and scary stories about the brand.

4.   Do not use non-brand names as hashtags just to drive traffic to yourself. Using brand names that do not belong to you as hashtags is not only a highly unprofessional marketing behaviour but can also damage your brand reputation and credibility.

5.   You should pay attention to how many hashtags to add. Although the hashtag limit that can be added to a post on Instagram is 30, it is necessary to add 30 hashtags to each content.

6.   There is no such thing as you have to. Adding such a large number of hashtags to your content can even make your brand seem desperate. The use of 2 to 10 hashtags is ideal and would be more useful. The main intent of avoiding these don’ts is to ensure that your content maximum benefit from a hashtag strategy. However, you can also buy Instagram Likes to make your content look even more interesting.

7.   Avoid using acronym names as hashtags that no one has heard of. There are very few users on Instagram who will try to decrypt these abbreviations to find out what they mean. When you choose this type of incomprehensible hashtags, you are very likely to drive people away from you.

8.   Joking hashtags like #myhashtag better than yours can be cute in a friend environment. However, if you are managing a brand on Instagram and doing marketing work, there is absolutely no place for such hashtags in the professional environment.


We tried to explain as much as we could, what to do and what to avoid in 14 steps when using hashtags. So what are the hashtag rules that you consider very important? Which strategies are best when hashtag errors are unacceptable? Be sure to share with us and our readers

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