14 Social Media Trends and Opportunities for You in 2021

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The social media world has exploded with activity, and the trends of social media in 2021 have changed due to Covid 19 pandemic. It is exciting but can also be overwhelming.

It is very important to know how these changes can affect your business and how you can capitalize on them to improve your marketing strategy.

There are many Social media marketing companies in Kolkata who can help you to establish your business objectivity implementing the social media marketing trends of 2021.

So let us take a look into the digital world to better understand the social media trends and opportunities for 2021.

You need to make a connection with the live stream

Connections between human beings are very important for personal as well as business reasons. When it is not possible to do that face to face, technology happily steps in and bridges the gap.

Some new social media trends have come up during this pandemic which is very helpful for marketing purposes in this time. Live streaming is a popular medium which got stronger in 2020, and is also playing a very important role in 2021.

Nowadays people have become used to exploring on live broadcast as it is helping them to meet their need for social contact. Live broadcast is one of the best suggestions based on social media trends for business in 2021.

It is best to go live on social media often in a month and sell something valuable to your audience at the end.

It is very important to give something for free

The best result of maintaining a social media presence is list building. You can make use of your call to action to build your list whenever you post on social media. Free offers will help to make this process even easier.

Selling something doesn’t always mean in exchange for money. Your list is gold which can add potential new customers and sales.

People generally trade their contact information to get something they value. Example: Some people don’t have time to read every word of a blog post. Good summary of a blog article or access to a hidden page which provides summaries of most important blog posts can attract some of the potential customers.

Other free offers include guides and tutorials, backstage flashes and free reports.

Depict your brand personality with videos

You can build your online presence and loyalty, and attract audiences with videos. Youtube is the best and the leading video channel and its doors are always open for branding through personality driven content.

Your unique personality and communication with your audience will set you apart and help you to stand out. You need to be authentic and videos will help to grow your tribe.

You can also make use of other video channels to grow
like IGTV, Instagram reels, Facebook, Pinterest, Tiktok and snapchat.

You can stand out on Linkedin and Instagram with carousels

The 2021 social media marketing trends include engagement and movement focused content ideas.
Carousels are much more engaging than static linkedin posts.It is better to create and publish entertaining slideshows. This will help you to stand out from millions of text based linkedin posts and highlight your company page.

Don’t post linkedin carousel ads, it is better to post carousels for free. These posts generate interest from their eye-catching visual displays and you must include a call to action at the end.

It is a great benefit to post a carousel on Instagram. If a user doesn’t like the first image, the second is displayed and gives a second chance to win participation.

Content ideas which you can share on linkedin carousel posts are statistics, infographics, step by step information, frames and step by step instruction, lessons,
practical advice for company, conference slides and snippets from your blog post.

Email and e-news are real methods

Social media agency services in Kolkata can best help you to improve your business reputation using social media tools within software marketing. Emails and e-news are some of the best ways which they implement to get attention from your blog posts and articles.

Then they use social media to highlight your content. For permission based subscriptions you can use creative calls to action, which will help to exchange their contact information for instruction, tips and entertainment you value.

There are so many trends on social media so sometimes it becomes really difficult to understand how to maximize your impact. Knowing how to use these business social media trends to increase your strategy is the main thing.

Use of links v/s use of audio visual content

Using videos, audios and images to gain audience attention within social media platforms is the best way than redirecting them to your posted content. Social channels can engage people with advertiser campaigns.

Then you can provide them access to your content, signing up for your free gifts and much more.
This is a simple social media trending marketing strategy for 2021.

Interacting with audience through comments on social media

You need to choose one of the best social media marketing companies in Kolkata to manage your social media management and advertising efforts.
A company who will make an effort to understand your business objectives and execute a social media strategy according to that.

A company who will guide you to respond to your comments on social media often in a timely manner, as it is the best possible way for engaging audiences.

People are taking their time to engage with you on social media, responding to comments will keep them more engaged.

Engaging with them will foster future engagement leading to relationships, trusts and sales.

The timing matters a lot

Traffic on your post in social media depends on the first 10 minutes after you post the content. Within this time you need to tag people and increase traffic flow, especially in case of a live broadcast event.

If you do a live broadcast every week, try to do it on the same day and at the same time. This will help the audience to program you in their activities.

You should spread the word many times in advance through various channels. Publish the event details in advance through newsletter, posts and emails.

Importance of social media contests

If you hire any Social media agency services in Kolkata they can guide you to arrange social media contests on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest which highly increase the quality traffic in your business in a short span of time.

They are experts and will decide which type of contest and social media platforms are most suitable for your brand.

The power of social media comments and bookmarks

Your best responsibility is to provide your audience the best content. Whatever your industry may be, the audience always looks for expertise, resources and guidance.

You need to find reliable sources to share your content. Social bookmarking sites will help you to do that.

Instagram is the best visual centric social media trends for business. You can build brand awareness and encourage people to save your Instagram posts instead of only liking them.

Benefits of Social media bookmarking

  • You can save and organize resources which you want to focus on later.
  • Share resources with your audience
  • Tag content for reference and search
  • You can create backlinks from social media bookmarks to your website
  • It will help to drive traffic to your website
  • It will mark articles which will mention you and your content
  • Search engines sometimes show bookmarks in their search results.

You can ask questions to increase engagement in social media posts

To open the door of communication with your audience you should make the use of questions. Questions will make it very interesting. If you ask a provocative question it will lead the audience to share their thoughts.

Custom profile design attract attention

Social media profiles which are created with fantastic page designs, images and graphics definitely seek attention from audiences and people will show more interest over a competitor company.

Social media trading

Nowadays social media is very influential in consumer purchasing choices. Some platforms have started this new trend on social media by introducing shopping carts. Customers can research and then buy your products and services without leaving the social media platform.

Humanizing brands

Nowadays people value authenticity and transparency and that is how they feel about the brands they support.

According to 2021 social media marketing trends audiences are interested to know who you are and what you stand for.

Companies who align themselves with social conscience issues are more favourably accepted by their customers.

Finally we can say that,

Social platforms are introducing new features and changing their algorithms day by day, social media trends are also undergoing an evolution.

These rapid changes are creating new challenges for brands and social media marketers; they have to keep their eye out for the latest trends influencing the future of social media and accordingly evolve.

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