10 ways to maintain a balance between academics and curricular activities

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Academic achievements are very important and have a big impact on how one’s accomplishments are objectively portrayed. Co-curricular activities give students an opportunity to explore their potential and skills outside of the classroom. For a successful education and career, it is crucial for students to maintain a balance between academics and extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities enhance the learning process, sharpen the intellect, and develop a solid character and personality. The activities include things like creative writing, scientific research, athletic competition, debating, the arts, cultural programming, and in-class activities. Education alone links IQ and personality in a totally incorrect way.



Ways to maintain the balance between academics and curricular activities

Don’t overburden

The strain of a very competitive environment makes students aware of the need of doing well in both academics and extracurricular activities. Being involved in so many tasks at once distorts attention, and there is a strong likelihood that performance will suffer. Students need to understand how to balance their tasks and activities, In an international Schools in Bangalore.  Instead of participating in every activity, students should be aware of what they truly want to do. Instead of becoming overwhelmed and stressed, learn the art of choosing the proper decision. At an international schools in bangalore.



Schedule Time

Stress and poor performance are results of poor management. Making and following a timetable is essential to maintaining a balanced life. Create a daily or weekly schedule that includes all of your obligations, such as assignments, events, activities, etc. Plan your time to complete the academic task. Before exams, there will be more time. The remaining time might be used to plan extracurricular activities to strike a balance between these two factors. For children to develop a strong personality, time management is a crucial ability that must be taught to them at a young age.

Healthy Lifestyle

To achieve a balance between the two, an active lifestyle is necessary. The kids will feel more energized and will be able to concentrate more on their specific objectives if they get enough sleep, exercise, and eat healthily.

Learn To Say No

Some students lack the strength to refuse extracurricular activities in front of professors or parents even when they know that doing so will negatively influence their grades or that they cannot handle them during exams. If you are overworked or overbooked, be honest and say “NO.” Students’ mental health depends on their learning their limitations and developing the skill of respectfully declining requests for additional work.

Organize The Work

Students should set up their assignments so that they don’t have to push themselves as hard each time. In international schools in bangalore Anyone who wishes to prosper in this tough environment should essentially follow the mantra “Work smarter, not harder.” While studying, students should take notes, underline the critical information, and include sticky notes or pages for further sources. To free up time and energy for extracurricular activities in the future, it’s critical to manage projects while studying and avoid distractions like TV, smartphones, parties, and other activities.



Be Picky about Curricular Activities

Don’t sign up for every club or organization that your international Schools in bangalore have to offer; it will take up a lot of your time, and you probably won’t be interested in most of them. Make an informed decision between people you are genuinely interested in and those who will support your success. In international schools in bangalore, The best strategy is to select no more than three or four activities and concentrate on them by assuming leadership roles.

Take a Break

Students’ mental and physical health are adversely affected by doing the same thing again without a break. Taking a tactical break for every 25 minutes that improves focus and raises the standard of work. Going on a vacation is essential for relaxing and engaging in pleasurable extracurricular activities. It will encourage inspiration and assist in establishing goals for upcoming successes.

Adopt a Positive Attitude

The best way to begin any task or activity is by adopting an upbeat attitude and eliminating uncertainty. In an international schools in bangalore Some students think they won’t be smart enough or skilled enough to excel in extracurricular activities. At international school Start the activity with the correct frame of mind and upbeat attitude, keeping in mind that everyone has skills that need to be refined. The students will undoubtedly benefit from this style of thinking as they explore their talents and strike a balance between their academic work and extracurricular activities.



Academics Comes First

Although extracurricular activities are regarded as necessary for a successful existence, academics should always come first. When attempting to complete other tasks, the student shouldn’t neglect their academics. In order to achieve balance, it is important to recognize the significance of each of these two factors.

Take Help from Parents

Some students struggle to prioritize their time between studying and extracurricular activities. It is critical to ask parents or teachers for assistance in this situation. It is incorrect to assume that someone who seeks assistance and guidance lacks the agility necessary for the task at hand. The students will benefit from this method in terms of strategic planning and maintaining equilibrium between the two previously covered issues.


After weighing the various points, it can be concluded that there are a number of methods that may be used to maintain both extracurricular activities and academic success. I can suggest one of the best international schools in Bangalore, where your child can balance both academic and curricular activities. Because Harvest International School in the school in both academic and curricular activities. But they focus more on academic because academic is more important to Children’s than curricular activities.

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