10 Jewellery Stores on Instagram That You Must Follow

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Are you someone who loves jewellery so much that they can stop themselves from buying more and more beautiful jewellery? It might get hard sometimes to find jewellery that speaks to you.

We know you crave some trendy jewellery styles that are so quirky that they won’t go unnoticed. If this is it, then we have something for you!

Almost every one of you uses Instagram these days. So, why don’t you use that platform to find your perfect jewellery style?

We are here with a list of Jewellery Stores on Instagram that you definitely need to follow to satisfy your need to buy fabulous jewellery styles!

1.    ZeroKaata

ZeroKaata is the destination where they don’t only sell jewellery but also a great shopping experience. Their jewellery is as unique as their name and so alluring that you won’t be disappointed.

They offer a wide variety of jewellery. From designer necklaces to tribal earrings, you can find everything here. You can always find yourself on their Instagram page for some out-of-the-box jewellery design that would look just prepossessing!

They offer jewellery that is handcrafted and the metal they use are skin-friendly. So, you don’t need to worry about any skin infections or allergies.

But there’s more! They even have a style expert you can contact if you end up in a dilemma about any of you outfit. The expert will send you jewellery that will suit your outfit the best!

With 19.3K followers on Instagram, ZeroKaata is one of the fast-growing jewellery brands. Go check out their page now!

You can even visit their online jewellery store to explore more gorgeous designs.

2.    Tyaani Jewellery

Tyaani Jewellery is a brand launched by none other than Karan Johar. Tyaani Jewellery is all you want if searching for Contemporary Polki Jewellery which is handcrafted in hallmarked 22 Karat Gold and certified natural Uncut Diamonds.

Their Instagram page looks ravishing which you can see for yourself by visiting their Instagram page. Tyaani Jewellery has been able to grab the attention of nearly 118K people on Instagram due to their bewitching jewellery designs.

You can even visit their online jewellery store for more beautiful designs. Want to know something more interesting? You can even visit their physical jewellery stores in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi. Now that’s sweet!

3.    Aara by Avantika 

The founder of the label “Aara by Avantika” is Avantika Dhruv Agrawal, an accessory designer. The designs offered by the label are beautifully handcrafted. They believe in merging modern ideas with traditional jewellery styles. There is a perfect balance between Indian art and modern fashion style.

If you love online jewellery shopping, then you can visit their Instagram page to find very charming silver jewellery that will help you gather so many compliments!

Currently, they have around 26.5K followers on Instagram who love their jewellery. They also have a social media presence on Facebook. So, don’t forget to check them out! I’m sure you’ll end up falling in love with their gorgeous earring collection!

4.    Outhouse Jewellery

Looking for something that looks unique and has a very aesthetic vibe? Then Outhouse Jewellery is all you are looking for. The two founders, Kaabia and Sasha Grewal created a brand that is surely extravagant. The jewellery offered by them is very innovative with fresh designs. The intricate patterns they add to the jewellery is stunning.

If you are looking for bold statement jewellery then you need to visit their Instagram page now! They currently have 159K followers and are definitely growing!

Their quirky and fearless style will surely make you fall in love with them. You can visit their physical jewelry store in Delhi or their online jewellery stores for more eccentric designs.

5.    Eurumme

Eurumme was established in 2015 by Eishita Puri and has been worn by many top celebrities of Bollywood like Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan and even Aishwarya Rai!

The core belief of Eurumme is that ‘Imperfect is Beautiful’. They create jewellery that is a statement but minimal as well. Their jewellery designs are striking and subtle at the same time. Doesn’t it sound too good to be true?

No two jewellery pieces are exactly the same. They create imperfectly perfect jewellery for women of every kind of preference. But you don’t need to take our words for it. You can go visit their Instagram page to find the most aesthetically pleasing jewellery to satisfy your need for minimalist jewellery.

6.    Purab Paschim

Want some handcrafted statement jewellery for your wedding? This is the brand you need! Don’t head anywhere else because Ankit Khullar’s designer jewellery brand has everything you need for your big day. The fusion of traditional aspects and modernity are perfectly balanced.

The jewellery designs can also be customized according to your preferences so that you could look your best on your big day. Still not sure about it?

Don’t worry! Just visit their Instagram page with over 48K followers and go through their Instagram feed. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed at all!

You can also visit their physical jewellery store in Delhi.

7.    Ra Abta by Rahul

Ra Abta is a brand by Rahul Luthra that you definitely need to check out for bridal accessories. They have so many enchanting styles to offer that you might end up wanting them all!

He believes that his label signifies youth, glamour and sophistication with an essence of femininity.

You can visit their physical store in Delhi or visit their website online for drop-dead gorgeous jewellery designs. But do you know what to do right now?

Go to their Instagram page and hit the follow button. Do it now because you don’t want to regret missing any jewellery design they offer. With over 108K followers, this brand is definitely very loved!

8.    Minerali Store

Stop searching for your engagement and bridal jewellery because this jewellery brand is all you need! Minerali has a wedding jewellery store which is located in Mumbai. They are known for their imitation and artificial jewellery. And while you are there, don’t forget to go through their astonishing floral jewellery designs.

Don’t you worry about the quality of their jewellery, they only used the best quality metal and embellishments for their jewellery design which would never disappoint you.

All your doubts will vanish once you visit their Instagram page with such a beautiful feed! Their jewellery collection is already loved by 140K Instagram users and we are sure that you would love it too!

9.    Tribe by Amrapali

Every jewellery enthusiast has at some point heard about this gorgeous brand. They are known for their amazing craftsmanship. From traditional to contemporary, there is something for each one of you!

The elegance and charm of these jewellery pieces are incomparable. They believe in creating elegant designs that personify the heritage of India with a modern twist.

Visit their website for some alluring traditional jewellery to create that royal look you have always craved for. So, all the online jewellery shopping lovers, this is your destination! With Instagram followers of more than 225K, Tribe by Amrapali is one of the most beloved Indian jewellery brands!

10. Prerto

Prerto jewellery is a brand to can visit for a luxurious handcrafted jewellery brand. The founder of the brand Prerna Agrawal has always been an enthusiast of jewellery craftsmanship.

The brand believes in infusing modern techniques and trends with a rich cultural heritage. Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Nora Fatehi, Shraddha Kapoor are some of the celebrity followings of the brand.

But that’s not all! International stars like Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, are also a part of their extensive celebrity following.

Go through their designer collection on their Instagram page with over 161K followers!

These Instagram pages will definitely inspire you to create a look that would make everyone swoon over you! So, what are you waiting for? Open your Instagram account and get ready to shop for some jaw-dropping accessories!

Let us know which Instagram jewellery store did you find more relatable to your personality or style. We would love to hear from you!

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