10 Exercise Tips To Maximise Your Workout

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These days it is pretty simple to understand that a balanced diet and regular exercises play a critical role when it comes to improving or maintaining health. That said, many of us do our best to juggle our daily lives in a way that there are some time and space for training. Working out is undeniably challenging, once you begin, and very often you felt like quitting altogether? But, as your fitness level and overall condition improve, you are starting to enjoy all the mental and physical benefits exercise brings.

It was like that for us, like probably for many of you out there. During the first few months, we spent nearly every evening, wondering why on Earth we put ourselves through that kind of torture. However, when the results began to kick in, we felt at our best while being in the gym. Nonetheless, around the same time, we noticed that even if we spend more hours in the gym than before, we stopped seeing the results as we did in the beginning. 

We reflected on our routine and realized that more of our time goes on figuring out the exercises we want to do than on actual training.  As much as we had a good time in the gym, the realization that a huge chunk of time gets wasted made us worried. The only solution we saw was to consult fitness experts to understand how to maximize the training. Several trainers from our gym and some of our friends who are semi-professional athletes gave us some daily exercise tips that we decided to share with you. The reasons why your workouts aren’t as effective as they should be can be very different. Nonetheless, you are still likely to benefit from these exercise tips. 

Exercise Tips to Maximize Your Workout

Map Out the Exercises

If you are in a similar situation to ours, it is the first thing that can help you.  Instead of wandering around the gym thinking about what to do, try to make a planned night before. You know the equipment in your gym, and the exercises you enjoy doing so it wouldn’t be difficult. Keep in mind that it is better that you focus your training around bodyweight exercises. We understand that you are attracted by the idea of working out on the machines. Nonetheless, it is essential to remember that they should consist of only 20 -25% of your routine. 

Warm-Up on the Way

 Warming up outside during January and February probably doesn’t sound attractive, does it?  Of course, you want to be relaxed when you are stretching, etc. However, nicer weather is just around the corner is, and we see this as one of the useful spring exercise tips.  Five to ten minutes of a good warm-up is incredibly beneficial in the sense that it increases elasticity, improves blood flow, and prepares the heart for the workout. Instead of warming up in the gym, you can put on your sports shoes and walk, jog or run towards the gym to warm up.

Mix Up the Routine 

One of the things that can drastically affect the workout is a lack of motivation. Often it is the result of doing the same exercises all the time. In this case, one of the best exercise motivation tips that we heard is to mix things up a bit. It is not only that you will be more motivated.  If you are often alternating between exercises, the body will not get a chance to adapt to any of them, and consequently, you will burn more calories. 

Include Interval Training 

If you are fitness instructors for healthy exercise tips, they will tell you to do everything in your power to boost your workout with some intervals. They are an amazing way to improve cardiovascular health and increase fitness. Apart from that, many people recommend incorporating intervals in the routine as one of the exercise tips for weight loss. It is because half an hour of alternating between low and high-intensity workouts burns more calories than the same amount of time as the regular workout. 

Cut Out the Empty Carbs

Undeniably, everyone loves fries or pasta all ragu! However, whether you are getting ready for a competition or you want to maximize your training in general, you should avoid these foods. As delicious as they are, their nutritive value is quite low compared to other foods, like quinoa or sweet potatoes. We know that it is difficult to cut out the carbs! But, at least, you can eat them significantly less in favor of protein, veggies, and healthy fat. 

Take Your Dose of Caffeine

Do you know why caffeine is considered a legal drug? It is because it stimulates the central nervous system and thus causes increased alertness Caffeine improves mood and energy levels. That is why it is good to take it an hour or two before the workout session according to daily exercise tips. The most common and loved source of caffeine is, of course, coffee. However, some people don’t like the taste of it. In this case, you can take some of the caffeine supplements that exist on the market.

Stay Hydrated 

It is common knowledge that we are losing body weight in fluids, right? ! But did you know that losing as little as 2% of water makes the workout feel harder, adversely affects the performance, and slows down the recovery. Whether you are looking for walking exercise tips or something else, you will hear that you must drink enough fluids during a training session.  If you want to make sure you are taking enough liquid, you can weigh yourself before and after each sweating session. If the scale shows that you lost more than 2% of your body weight, it is an indicator that you are not hydrating yourself properly. 

Slowly Increase the Intensity

When we first enter the gym, we see all those seasoned gym-goers, with their marvelously shaped muscles and in perfect shape. And what crosses our mind!? Of course, we all want to be like that! We think that if we immediately start with long and intense workouts we will get there in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. It doesn’t work like that though! The fact you will spend hours lifting 10 kilograms even if you yesterday didn’t lift even 2 won’t help you reach your goals faster. On the contrary, it will slow down your progress. Gradually increasing the intensity, weight, etc., however, will. 

Don’t Skip Meals 

We found lots of people who are convinced that if you want to benefit maximally from a workout, you need to eat less! That is yet another one of a plethora of misconceptions.  It is not the question of how much but rather what type of food you eat. In reality, maximizing nutrition is one of the first steps towards maximizing the workouts. Ensure that you consume enough protein and good carbohydrate-rich foods at least an hour and a half before the workout. It is also essential to eat properly after the training session.

Monitor Your Rest Periods

Far too many people make long breaks between the workout sets. Do you know what we mean? For example, you lift weights for 20 minutes and then talk with a friend during a break. That way, instead of 30 – 40 seconds, you make a 5 – 10 minutes pause. If you want to avoid this, take a stopwatch to ensure that your resting time doesn’t last longer than one minute. It is always to consider active rest. It means that you will be doing some exercises which don’t require a lot of energy during the resting period. 


Apart from all the exercise tips that we mentioned earlier, we mustn’t forget the importance of sleep. Poor sleep hinders the performance and the body’s ability to become stronger. Therefore, make sure that you go to sleep earliest possible in the night. If you are a night owl, then try to sleep a bit longer in the morning. Combined with everything else will help you maximize the workouts, live better and still have time for other things that make you happy. How much time do you usually spend in the gym? Are you satisfied with the results?

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