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10 Appealing Facts About Your Brain

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The brain seems to be the most important organ of the body. It is our brain’s strong perceiving ability that we, humans have made our name in every field. Moving from aircraft in the sky to the submarines under the water! It’s all in our wondrous brains. We have underestimated our brain; though it is able to create more ideas than the number of atoms in the universe. Our brain solves problems, creates ideas, and thinks critically. 


Your mind can be as creative as you want it to be. According to the number of psychotic patients attended by the best doctors in Rawalpindi, most of the people are facing mental issues because of the lack of confidence in them. Underestimating your brain, and assuming that other people are more intelligent, more creative makes you feel depressed.

Around us, there are many cases of being in fear of validation. Everyone feels that the person in front of him is more creative, more intelligent. We’ll learn some of those interesting facts about our brain, that we are never going to underestimate it again.


Just like our body, our brain contains 60% of water. It helps in greasing and lubricating the brain. So, plenty of water is necessary to boost the functions of the brain.


It is quite astonishing that our brain is the fattiest organ of our complex body. It contains almost 60% of fat. This healthy fat helps in stabilizing the walls of the brain. It helps in boosting the immune system and reduces inflammation.


Our brain moves in reverse. When we’re young, the size of the brain is large. But as soon as we turn into adults, the size of the brain keeps on shrinking. But, the capabilities are not decreasing.


Two parts of the brain, the right hemisphere, and the left hemisphere, are interconnected with each other through the corpus callosum. It is actually a band of many neurons, performing the function of uniformity between two parts.


The two hemispheres work like a crosswire. The right hemisphere controls all the functions of the left body parts and the left hemisphere controls the functions of the right body parts. It is quite confusing when we are learning about our brain; but, interestingly the brain manages it all well.


Our brain just like our heart’s ventricles has other parts. It’s much more than only a twirled network of nerves. There are three main parts.

Furthermore, there are many lobes as frontal, occipital, and temporal.


Some of the stupefying functions that we don’t feel controllable are actually under our brain. We feel pleasure, sadness, happiness, arousal of feelings, appetite, thirst and all kinds of emotions are under the control of specific parts of our brain. Just like the hypothalamus is the part of the brain that controls all the cycles including the sleep cycle and menstrual cycle.


What are the cells of our brain called? And how do they interconnect? We have a mechanism of synapse running around in our brain. It connects all of the neurons and transmits the messages. Along with the neurons, glial cells are there helping out the neurons. The brain isn’t all about the neurons. It’s 50% of the glial cells such as Schwann cells and 50% of the neurons.


It is quite interesting to know how we remember the incident from 2 years ago. Whenever we start remembering something, the neurons start connecting through synapses. More and more synapse connections take us more back to that happy or sad moment. So more insightful thinking can take us back to that memory for sure.


Our brain works just like our muscles. The longer we use it, the bigger it expands. If we spend more time practicing, thinking creatively, and creating ideas, our brain will practice well-functioning. So, exercising our brain is pretty important. It happens by


I came to know about all of this interesting knowledge about our brain during my internship at Azmat Rasheed hospital, Rawalpindi. We got to know many other facts too like it was astonishing to know that our brain can hold 2.5 million gigabytes of information. So, the human brain is proven to be the most intelligent one among all living organisms. It all depends on the usage of it.

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